Pharmacy Technician Training Programs - Choose the Right One

Since there are no federal or state requirements to become a pharmacy technician, the student in search of certification should be wary on which program they decide upon. However, there are programs that offer certification and these programs are required to pass a national accreditation process.

Online versus Campus Based Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

The first decision the pharmacy technician student should make is attending an online school or a traditional campus based one. Each type of pharmacy technician training program has its advantages and disadvantages. The online programs have the convenience of accessing the coursework at any time, have the comfort and ease of attending school in the comfort of home and the student can set their own pace. The advantage of a campus based program is that the student will have direct interaction with the professors, interaction with fellow students and have a hands-on approach in their learning.

The Career Goal of the Pharmacy Technician

Before beginning their course study as a pharmacy technician, the prospective student should have a solid idea of their career goals. The three types of pharmacy technician training programs available are: diploma, certificate and associate degree. Not all schools offer all three programs. In selecting the right pharmacy technician program, students should decide on a school that allows them to continue their education toward a bachelor�s degree if they choose to do so.

Areas of Interest for Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

The core program for the pharmacy technician student is fairly standard; this includes coursework in anatomy, dosage calculation, physiology, pharmaceutical and medical terminology. However, there are certain schools that offer special areas of concentration in their pharmacy technician training programs. If the student�s goal is to someday transition into pharmaceutical sales, the right program to choose would be a program with a business emphasis. If they want to work in a pharmaceutical lab, they would choose a program that offers sterile products certification. Alternatively, if they desire employment as a pharmaceutical distributor they would choose a program with an emphasis in warehouse management or inventory control.

Making the Decision to Choose the Right Pharmacy Technician Program

Standards in the industry must be set in order to prevent tragic mistakes that can occur. The prospective pharmacy technician should choose the right pharmacy technician program to further their education in order to protect them against any liability. Candidates should select a school that is familiar with the examination for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT) and The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination (PTCB) to assure their choice is the right one.

Choosing the right pharmacy technician training program should be based on the specific needs and goals of the student. Careful planning and insight into what programs are offered will not only help candidates to secure solid employment in a growing field, but they will be able to take pride in their accomplishments.

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